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Enhanced Sonic Lapis

Today's maintenance brings you the Enhanced Sonic Lapis Lv2. There are six of them, one for each stat - STR, DEX, REC, INT, WIS, LUC. The enhanced Sonic Lapis Lv2 has the same movement speed bonus, and also adds 30 points to the chosen stat.


Upgrading to the enhanced version of the Sonic Lapis Lv2 is easy. The professional blacksmith in the auction house is expecting you with three items:

  1. Sonic Lapis Lv2, which can be purchased at one of the auction house NPC merchants for a very low price.
  2. Sonic Lapis Upgrade Token, which can be farmed at Kimuraku.
  3. Stat Lapis Upgrade Scroll, which can be purchased from the web mall, for 5,000 valor points. Valor points can be obtained by pvping, one kill rewarding you one valor point.


Click "Random", and you should have your new Enhanced Sonic Lapis Lv2, like this:



In light of this recent addition, Kimuraku's HP has been increased by 50%.


Good luck to everyone !

Enhanced Mystra Capes

Today's updates bring something new to the table - Enhanced Mystra Capes. Given that Mystra Capes have become a very common item, we have decided to introduce an upgrade - the enhanced version of the capes. The difference between the enhanced version of the cape and its regular version is the fact that the regular one can have up to two orange stats, whereas the enhanced one can have up to four.


How can I obtain an Enhanced Mystra Cape ?

You create it yourself.


How ?

You require a regular Mystra Cape, a Mystra Cape Upgrade Token, and a Mystra Cape Upgrade Scroll.


Where do I get these items ?

  1. A regular Mystra cape can be obtained through multiple methods:
    1. Drop from Smaug (Dragon at DD1 ruins)
    2. Random drop in a Fortune Bag, which is a world drop at very low rates.
    3. Random drop in a Vote Bag, which you can obtain by voting.
    4. The latest addition - purchase from the web mall for 25 credits.
  2. Mystra Cape Upgrade Token drops at Smaug.
  3. Mystra Cape Upgrade Scroll can be purchased from the web mall for 5,000 valor points. Valor points are obtained in pvp, 1 kill rewarding you 1 valor point.


What do I do after I have these items ?

You take them to the professional blacksmith in the auction house, click the "Create" button, and place the three items in the three upper slots, as follows:

  1. Mystra Cape
  2. Mystra Cape Upgrade Token
  3. Mystra Cape Upgrade Scroll


Click "Random", and you should have your new Enhanced Mystra Cape, like this:




Good luck to everyone trying to upgrade their capes !


P.S. The episode 4 environment is just a few days away, so episode 4 lovers should get ready.

September 1v1 Tournament Results

The tournament took place today, as scheduled, and we have ended up with three champions.


The best of fighters and warriors - NEO (Fighter)

The best of archers and hunters - Muppet (Archer)

The best of mages and pagans - CalicoJack (Pagan)



We will organize 1v1 tournaments every month, so if you missed this one, make sure you start practicing right now, to be ready for next month's tournament.


Thanks to [GS]Hikaru for the video of the final part of the tournament.

Rank Sharing is here !

I am pleased to announce that we finally introduced rank sharing, which many of you requested for quite a while now.

I know there are those of you who have certain concerns regarding rank sharing, and trust me, we do too. We have checked our options thoroughly, the pros and the cons, and we believe the cons to be minimal, and seriously outweighed by the pros.


What exactly is rank sharing ?

Rank sharing is the process of merging the kills of one or more characters on your account.


Are there any restrictions to rank sharing ?

You cannot share any kills until you reach 10,000 kills with one of your characters.

You also cannot share kills among characters of different levels. That being said, Lv70 characters can only share kills with other Lv70 characters.

Rank sharing applies to Lv15, Lv30 and Lv70 characters, and most likely will NOT apply to Lv60 characters, which are part of our episode 4 environment which will be introduced within a matter of days.


How do I share kills ?

Once you reach 10,000 kills on your first character, you may start sharing ranks with other characters of the same level. You can do so on the Characters page, in your profile. In order to share kills, you require a Kill Share Service, which can be purchased on the web mall, in the Services section.


If you have further questions about rank sharing, feel free to start a forum thread or submit a ticket and we will be more than glad to assist you.

Picture & Video Contest

Hello everyone,


We're open for some quite some time now and we decided to make our first Picure & Video Contest!


This contest is now open and it'll end on 11th of September 2017!


We know we got good creative people in our server, so do not miss this opportunity to win the biggest prize by demonstrating your editing skills.


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Shaiya Revenant - September 1v1 Tournament

Hello everyone,


I am proud to announce the first Shaiya Revenant 1v1 tournament, which is scheduled for next Sunday, the 3rd of September, 2017.


This tournament will be different from any of the 1v1 tournaments you've seen before. Click the button below to find out why.


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Shaiya Revenant - Out of beta

Today I am proud to announce that we have gotten around most of the bugs and missing things, and we believe it's safe to say that the server is ready to get out of open beta, and go live to its full potential.


We are about to begin advertising the server even more, and each and every one of you can help with that too. Make sure you vote daily and collect the generous vote rewards from your gift box. Make sure you call everyone you know to the server.


We are also about to introduce some advertising events, based on artwork, videos and other player creation, help to increase the popularity of Shaiya Revenant.


In less than two weeks, we will introduce the episode 4 environment, for the lovers of old school Shaiya, while maintaining the level 70, 15 and 30 areas based on episode 5 game mechanics, as always.


We hope you enjoy your stay in Shaiya Revenant, and we will make sure you continue to do so in the future as well.

Nearly out of beta, and more !

We expect to be out of beta on the 21st of August, exactly one month since the server went live. If anyone has anything else left to report, don't miss the chance to do so on our forums or using our support system.


We have also just posted our advertising thread on elitepvpers, which you can find by clicking here.


Shaiya Revenant is now growing, and we intend to keep it that way. We hope to see you here every step of the way, enjoying the game as much as you can.

Shaiya Revenant - Open Beta

Today, Shaiya Revenant is opening its doors for everyone to join our open beta phase.

What to expect ?

  • Bugs
  • Crashes
  • Disconnects
  • Complaints from other players
  • Missing areas of the website

... basically anything you would expect from a server during open beta testing.

What is expected of you ?

  • Patience
  • Reporting all the bugs you can see
  • Not exploiting any bug that will lead to an unfair advantage, and reporting it instead
  • Patience
  • Some more patience

We expect open beta to last up to one month, so best of luck to both staff team and players in getting over this as soon as possible.